An inn with a sea view north of Ishigaki Island ~ Ocean Front House Nozomi ~

Pension NOZOMI is located in the north of Ishigaki Island.
It is an inn boasting a location in front of sea.

There is a lot of nature around the sea in the north of Ishigaki Island.
Please enjoy the atmosphere of a remote island in nature.

You can enjoy diving guides by veteran staff at the sea melody at the diving shop.

Because it is into nature, there are no convenience stores or shops around.
Car rental is recommended for sightseeing.

石垣島の宿 ペンション野空海からの景色

Introduction of facilities


The sea is spreading in front of you.


★ Dining & Living 48㎡

Breakfast looking at the sea
★ 43m2 terrace like the sea
A spacious and spacious space.

View from the room
All rooms have 3 oceanfront guest rooms, maximum capacity: 12 people

Field … 24㎡ Terrace 7㎡
sky … 20㎡ Terrace 6㎡
Sea ・ ・ ・ 18㎡, Semi-open-air bathroom, 6㎡, Terrace 7㎡

Library 9㎡
… comics and novels

Introduction of rooms

Room  海 Sea 〜 Deluxe Room〜


[Capacity 2 (plus 1 child)] 18㎡
Bathroom sink 6㎡ / terrace 7㎡

・ 2 semi-double beds (water hyacinth)
・ One sofa bed
・ Ocean Front Western Style Bath & Washroom
・ Private room toilet

* You can take a bath while looking out the sea.海を見て入浴

≪Equipment≫ Hair dryer ・ Shampoo ・ Rinse ・ Body soap ・ Hand soap
≪Amenity≫ Toothbrush, razor, bath salt, hair rubber, etc.
<< Lending >> Bath towel, face towel, clothes hanger

Room 空 sky 〜 Western-style room 〜



[Capacity 2 to 4 people]
… 20㎡ Terrace 6㎡
; 2 semi-double beds (Asian wood)
; Unit bath, toilet, wash basin; 2 sofa beds

≪Equipment≫ Hair dryer, Champlins, Hand-washing soap
≪Amenity≫ Toothbrush, razor, hair rubber
≪Rental≫ Bath towel, clothes hanger, face towel

Rooms 野 Field 〜 Japanese-style room 〜


Semi-Japanese room


[Capacity 4-5 people] 24㎡, Terrace 7㎡
Futon room
with vanity (no toilet)

* The room is divided into tiled passages and tatami mats. .
* Relax with Ryukyu tatami in a Japanese atmosphere.
* You can see the sea and green from the front and side windows.

Field room
≪Equipment≫ Hair dryer, hand-washing soap
≪Amenity≫Toothbrush, hair rubber, razor,
≪Rental≫ Bath towel, clothes hanger, face towel

* People in this room use toilets and shower rooms in other spaces.リビング 海を見て朝食

Service other

Use time

■ Check-in 15:00
Check out 10:00
■ Living room [Usage time: 7:30 to 21:00]
・ Turns off after 22:00. Relax on the terrace or in your room.
■ Shower room changing room
・ There is no specific usage time, but please refrain from using it at midnight.
☆ Please turn off after use.

About meals


Breakfast from 7:30 or 8:00
Dinner 18:00 start (reservation required)

Please come to the restaurant in time .
We will make you meals watch the timing of warm and cold things.
(Drink order stop 20:00)

Island-style course.

About once a week, giving priority to days without reservations,
We will close the restaurant.
Please check at the time of booking. Thank you in advance.

* Breakfast for customers departing by 7:30 in the early morning
Toast and coffee (tea)
Or we will make a handmade rice ball.

* Please let us know in advance about allergies and weaknesses.

■ You cannot bring food into the restaurant. (Allergists, infants, etc. have exceptions)



For reservation


The price for each page is listed on this page.


Please pay by credit card in advance.
You can use various credit cards.


Please let us know the number of people and the number of days.
and ,Please tell us the date of check-in and check-out, and the room you want.

Then we will make a quote and explain in detail.


We don’t speak English very well, but we can answer questions in advance.
( I think I can easily provide you with the information you need during your stay.)
Enjoy your trip to Ishigaki Island in Japan.
We look forward to meeting you.

Please contact us with the same email about diving.



Map to inn

TEL (+81)980−89−2280

NAUI PRO SCUBA CENTER  海のメロディー 〜 Melody of  the SEA 〜
&   Ocean front House  野空海 〜NOZOMI〜


We enjoy diving every day in the north of Ishigaki Island.